Eberspächer VAIREX also engages in custom blower design and build to fit your specific needs. Didn't see what you require in our product listing? Take a look below of some of the custom work performed to meet customer requests. Eberspächer VAIREX will source motors and design blower heads to best suit your application.


The standard VRB32-2 with special inlet and outlet ports and extended cabling.


VRB8 blower head mated to the "-HP" motor for higher power capabilities from a single blower head on lower voltages.


2 Stages of our VRB2 with the "-25" motor attached for higher pressure or more flow than a standard VRB2


Our standard VRB2 impeller in a specialty blower head designed for a high pressure ratio application.  Pressure ratio: 1.7.



Our standard VRB8, 2 stage regenerative blower head mounted on the "-100V" motor for higher voltage and higher power applications.