Our Mission

Eberspächer VAIREX is the expression of our commitment to energy efficiency and respect for the environment. The company reflects our conviction that the creative impulse is fundamental to human nature and, hence, innovation can be intentional. It is our belief that long-term relationships are the foundation of a good business.

An unusually talented, dedicated, and varied group of individuals has been drawn by this vision and has enhanced and expanded it. We have already succeeded at many things thought to be impossible. Now we are looking into a future rapidly unfolding into a much different world.

Clean air. We work in two areas aimed at cleaner air through reduced emissions: Fuel Cells and Diesel Emissions Controls.

Fuel Cells represent a fundamental paradigm shift: from heat engines, previously the principal source of mechanical energy, to cleaner, more efficient, and potentially less expensive electrochemical processes. They are as different from the internal combustion engine as the Internet is from Gutenberg's moveable type press and will have equally profound impacts on our world.

Diesel engines are ubiquitous throughout the world. Whether it be growing and delivering the food we eat or building the houses in which we live, diesel engines provide the necessary power. Combined with new technologies and sophisticated controls, today's, tomorrow's, and yesterday's diesel engines are delivering significantly cleaner power.

The Eberspächer VAIREX vision is bigger than any one of us. Our stakeholders include our employees and their families, our consultants, investors, suppliers, corporate partners, customers, and government, all in the service of our end users, the human race. We invite you to join us. After all, we're family!

Ski Milburn, CEO, Eberspächer VAIREX

Meet the Team


Kathy Heidebrecht

Founder & Director of Operations

SKI for webpage

Ski Milburn

Founder & CEO


Joel Oakman

Founder & Director of Manufacturing and Engineering

A graduate of Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, Kathy has spent 30 years in software engineering and operations management.

Ski has an excess of 35 years as a serial cleantech entrepreneur. He is an impassioned advocate for the environment and clean energy.

Joel has more than 30 years experience in Engineering and Manufacturing in both the automotive and aerospace industries.